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Art Deco In Phoenix, Arizona


A non-exhaustive list of Art Deco buildings in Phoenix. 

    • Luhrs Tower

    • Taliesin West

    • The Arizona Biltmore Hotel

    • Bacanora, formally the Bragg’s Pie Factory 

    • Hilton Garden Hotel, formally the Professional Building 

    • Old Phoenix City Hall

    • Arizona State Fair Grand Stand

    • Arizona State Fair WPA Building 

    • Phoenix Title and Trust – Orpheum Lofts

    • New Windsor Hotel

    • The General Motors Testing Laboratory 
    • Old Sky Harbor Control Tower
    • Hanny’s Bar (formally  Hanny’s Department Store in the International Style)
    • 747 W. Van Buren St (Now the Thundercat Lounge)

Art Deco Outside of the Phoenix Area


A non-exhaustive list of Art Deco buildings in outside of the Phoenix area. 

    • Fox Theatre (Tucson) 

    • Fox Commercial Building (Tucson)

    • Stonecypher’s Bakery (Tucson)

    • Reilly Funeral Home (Tucson)
    • Southern Pacific Railroad Passenger Station (Casa Grande)
    • Hotel San Carlos (Yuma)

    • Masonic Temple (Yuma)
    • Cochise County Courthouse (Bisbee)
    • Phelps-Dodge Mercantile Company (Bisbee)

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